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Do you want to find out what are the main exercises to tone the legs and buttocks? By reading this in-depth analysis you will be able to find out which techniques are used in the gym so that you can also replicate them comfortably in your home.

Of course, in addition to training and a healthy and proper diet, it is recommended to combine the use of CremaFIT for its toning and firming properties.

We also decided to interview a personal trainer from Los Angeles who counts, among his clients, some of the most admired divas of the international jet set. For privacy reasons, he was unable to reveal his identity but still recommended a sequence of exercises that allow his clients to obtain excellent results in a short time.

REMEMBER: we recommend that you do series of 8/12 repetitions for each exercise but always listen to your body. If you are already trained you can push yourself further while if you have been standing still for a long time start with reduced sessions and then grow progressively. Before starting training, always do stretching with bodyweight warm-up movements such as: hops, torso twists, shoulder rotation.

Some exercises that we suggest you will already know them but the most important thing is the right sequence that allows you to activate different muscle groups to get a complete workout.

Exercise n. 1: Squat

It is perhaps the best known exercise but also one of the most effective, especially when it is inserted within the right sequence. Squats are perfect for getting toned legs and glutes in a short time. You can do it anywhere and at any time of the day, without having to buy any equipment.

Girl training with squats.
Figure 1 – Correct body position in squat exercises
With the help of squats you can:

• Tone your legs, buttocks and back muscles by strengthening your posture. In fact, it is one of the most complete exercises.

• Ensure explosiveness and strength in the lower limbs.

• Keep your bones and joints active and elastic thanks to the increased muscle mass that acts as a protective cushion.

ADVICE: to carry out the movement correctly, try to get down as much as possible with your butt towards the floor, keeping the right curvature of the back to eliminate the risk of injury.

Exercise n. 2: Lunges

Lunges are very useful for toning the legs, especially the thighs. They are perfect to integrate with squats and help achieve the much desired heart butt or mandolin butt with easily replicable exercises.

You will find that they are more challenging than you thought but in the end this is what we are looking for: simple but effective exercises. Plus, you can perform them anywhere and anytime. Grab your things and go to the nearest park and exercise while admiring the beauty of nature.

Girl training with lunges.
Figure 2 – Lunges to tone legs and thighs
ADVICE: Lunges must be performed by keeping the upper part of the body still which, even during the descent of the lunge, must remain straight. Bring one leg forward until it forms a 90 degree angle and make the back leg almost reach the floor.

Exercise n. 3: Leg press with the aid of an elastic band

The leg press carried out with the aid of a resistance band helps you shape your legs. It is a lesser known but very effective exercise.
REMEMBER: alternating exercises allows you to work different muscle groups.

In addition, as your tone and strength increase, you can challenge yourself with thicker bands of greater resistance. In addition to toning your legs, this exercise will stretch your glute muscles. 

Girl training with leg press.
Figure 3 – Leg press with elastic band

The sequence you will have to follow to perform a really correct exercise is this: 

1. Lie face up on a gym mat and lift your feet; 

2. Wrap the band around your feet and keep your legs bent, remembering to always keep your feet together;
3. Press your feet against the bands until your legs are straight; 

4. Bend your knees to return to a 90 degree angle.

Exercise n. 4: Stability on the ball with knee lengthening

The stability ball leg workout will quickly tone your legs and glutes. You can perform this workout either in the gym under the guidance of a personal trainer or at home if you buy a ball at a sporting goods store.

Exercise also focuses on strengthening the abdominals, calves and anterior shin muscles.
Girl training with stability on the ball.
Figure 4 – Training with the ball for knee stability
The correct technique involves pressing your feet onto the stability ball while resting your hands on the floor; use your abs to bend your knees and bring the ball closer to your body. Bring your knees as close to your chest as possible.

TIP: Exhale as you bring your knees together, then straighten your legs again, taking the ball away and exhaling.

Exercise n. 5: One-leg deadlift

Exercises for the lower part of the body are indispensable for having toned legs and buttocks. One of the fundamental ones is the deadlife. Exercise undoubtedly helps to have a sculpted butt, legs and hips more outlined.

If it can help you keep your balance, place your hands against the wall or a chair in order to perform the single leg deadlift correctly.
Girl training with deadlift on one leg.
Figure 5 – Correct sequence of the Deadlift exercise
The exercises for the lower part of the body prove to be indispensable for the well-being of the body and one of the fundamental ones is the deadlife. To maintain balance, you can place your hands against the wall or a chair in order to perform the single leg deadlift correctly.

A one-leg deadlift is a movement that strengthens the back, lower back and legs. This variation of the traditional exercise requires only one leg to lift off the ground and extend behind you.

REMEMBER: the more complex movement makes the muscles of the leg and gluteus even more work.

Exercise n. 6: Raising the legs from the Plank position

Normal planks are useful for strengthening core muscles, hips, and upper body. Therefore, to tone your glutes, you can add alternating rear leg raises.
Girl training with leg lift from plank position.
Figure 6 – Raising the legs with Plank
TIP: Maintain a good body balance and with this exercise you will tone your butt significantly.
N.B. This is an informative article, we advise you to be followed by a personal trainer to make sure you perform the movements correctly and avoid possible injuries.

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