(Our History...)

Welcome to the CremaFIT world!

CremaFIT was created with one precise idea in mind:
To help women with very little time tone their body by enhancing their training regime.

Our company has been operating since 2007 and we have helped many prestigious brands to achieve important sales results with their products. Now we have decided to launch our own brand using all our knowledge to create the best possible product for women who care about their body and their physical appearance.

The goal is ambitious: to become the first body cream that a woman who wants toned legs and buttocks thinks about. That is why our mantra is: double the benefits of your training for the same physical effort.
CremaFIT is not like any other cream on the market and you’ll realize that the very first time you use it. It is a real toning treatment that we have developed through years of research and is produced in one of the oldest Italian cosmetics laboratories. All ingredients are pure and blended with expertise, favoring efficacy without neglecting the appearance and fragrance, to promote the absorption of toning and anti-cellulite ingredients.

I hope that you too will try our treatment as soon as possible and, perhaps, you too will become one of our ambassadors, helping to promote it all over the world.

CREMAFIT, conceived in Italy with love.

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Gianluca Testa
Founder CremaFIT