Hot and Cold: our allies in the treatment of skin blemishes


“HOT & TONED” and “ICE & TONED” are the excluded systems of CremaFIT treatments. Through the beneficial effects of heat and cold, CremaFIT fights skin imperfections such as cellulite, water retention and stretch marks, guaranteeing more toned legs and firm buttocks.


Hot and cold combination

The hot and cold effects, combined with your workout, allow you to get the maximum benefit from physical activity.

HOT (Hot & Toned):

  • Before training: prepares the body for physical effort and allows you to benefit more from training.

  • After training: extend the benefits of physical activity as if we had exercised for longer; it also promotes the absorption of firming and toning ingredients.

COLD (Ice & Toned):

  • After training: cools the muscles by repairing micro-traumas and activates the draining action that allows you to dissolve adiposity.

Hot & Toned - Ice & Toned systems
Hot & Toned – Ice & Toned systems



Benefits of Warm effect

CremaFIT Toned keeps your muscles warm for longer by promoting the absorption of toning and anti-cellulite ingredients.

Through the action of Capsicum, a natural ingredient, the muscles will stay warm for longer, accelerating the achievement of the desired results (toned legs and firm buttocks).

  • Warm up your muscles by increasing the benefits of your workout.
  • The heat favors the penetration of the toning and anti-cellulite ingredients.
  • Firms and tones legs and buttocks.
  • Fights Cellulite and Water Retention on the legs and buttocks.
  • Accelerates recovery from muscle micro-injuries.
Benefits of the Hot & Toned system
Benefits of the Hot & Toned system


Benefits of Cold Effect (Cryotherapy)

CremaFIT Drena cools the muscles after training by promoting the draining action of dissolving adiposity.

The cold also contributes to the relaxation and distension of the muscles, producing a significant improvement in muscle tone.

  • Fights Cellulite and Adipose Accumulations on the legs and buttocks.
  • Cools and relaxes the muscles increasing the benefits of your workout.
  • The cold favors the action of the draining and anti-cellulite ingredients.
Cryotherapy Ice & Toned system
Cryotherapy Ice & Toned system


Your skin also deserves the benefits of the "HOT & TONED" and "ICE & TONED" systems