Remedies for the following pathologies:

Special Legs and Buttocks

Discover the remedies and advice to fight and eliminate the most common pathologies related to the aesthetics of the legs and buttocks.
What they are, how they are born and how to prevent Cellulite, Water Retention and Stretch Marks.


Remedies for the pathology:

Cellulite is a much feared cosmetic defect. There are many women who fight against this imperfection every day, including a wide age range. In fact, the phenomenon can also affect very young women, as well as more mature women. But what is cellulite? How is it prevented and how is it fought? Discover our in-depth analysis on cellulite by continuing to read…

Fig. 1 - Cellulite pathology
Fig. 1 – Cellulite pathology

Water retention

Remedies for the pathology:

Water retention occurs when the body’s tissues tend to retain fluids, causing swelling often associated with pain, sudden weight gain or unnatural weight fluctuations and joint stiffness.

The causes of water retention can be many. They range from excessive ambient heat to the presence of the menstrual cycle, from nutritional deficiencies to the intake of the contraceptive pill, from pregnancy to chronic venous insufficiency, from the use of some drugs such as those to lower the pressure to standing up for too much time.

Fig. 2 - Water Retention Pathology
Fig. 2 – Water Retention Pathology


Stretch marks

Remedies for the pathology:

Stretch marks are the result of the scarring of a tear in the dermis. But what are the factors that cause this tear?

The first of all is the too rapid extension of the skin, as occurs in cases of sudden weight gains and losses or during pregnancy. In these cases the dermis passes from a normal condition to a sudden and constant tension that causes the breakdown of the collagen and elastin fibers. In these circumstances, the area most affected by stretch marks is the belly but it is not uncommon for them to also appear on the breasts and thighs.

Fig. 3 - Pathology of stretch marks
Fig. 3 – Pathology of stretch marks


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