(Arnica Montana Flower Extract)

Benefits of Arnica Montana

Natural Ingredients

The properties of Arnica are varied: healing, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory. It stimulates blood circulation, accelerates the disappearance of bruises and the healing of hematomas, provides pain relief and is very useful in cases of trauma. It is also used to speed up wound healing, heal muscle strains, decrease swelling and protect capillaries. For this reason it is used in fitness-related treatments such as CremaFIT.


In ancient times it was believed that this plant had magical powers capable of influencing the weather: in fact, during periods of great drought or incessant rains, it was burned in spiritual rites with the hope that it could return climatic conditions more favorable to man. .

The Arnica plant has been associated with the Nordic goddess Freya, from whose name the English word Friday (Friday) seems to derive. Famous for her beauty, she is the goddess of love, fertility, prophecy and magic. Arnica Montana, along with Hypericum and Fern, was never lacking in the magical rites of the summer solstice.

Beneficial Properties in Cosmetics:


Pain relievers



Arnica - help from the flowered mountain slopes

Origin and Provenance of Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana is a perennial plant with an erect stem with intense yellow flowers and is classified as a herbaceous belonging to the Asteraceae family. Its flowering occurs between July and August and is used both in medicine and in the aesthetic field. The plant prefers cool high mountain soils where the sunny climate ensures perfect conditions for growth. It is native to the mountains of Central Europe, from the Iberian Peninsula to Scandinavia to the Carpathians.

Fig 1 - Arnica Montana (Arnica Montana Flower Extract)
Fig 1 – Arnica Montana (Arnica Montana Flower Extract)


An ally for our inflammations

Arnica Montana is a cure-all for joint and rheumatic pains, such as back pain and stiff neck. But it is also a good remedy in case of insect bites, small skin inflammations and minor burns.

This plant also has draining properties, applied on bruises and bruises, it drains the tissues, reducing the extent of hematoma and bruising, deflating and mitigating physical pain. The draining effect proves to be quite useful in countering lymphatic stagnation and various imperfections resulting from the formation of adipose accumulations (cellulite).

The use of arnica is recommended for external use, on intact skin and not on wounds and ingestion must be avoided.

Fig 2 - Harvested Arnica Montana (Arnica Montana Flower Extract)
Fig 2 – Harvested Arnica Montana (Arnica Montana Flower Extract)


Arnica Montana is widely used in sports

In sports medicine it has been used for years on athletes, applied before a race or competition to warm up the muscles, preparing them for intense effort, thus avoiding tears and contractures. After training, it offers a relaxing and calming benefit.

The phlebotonic and antithrombotic properties of Arnica Montana should not be underestimated, in fact it is a ” protector ” of blood vessels and improves the tone of the veins, a desirable result in the presence of varicose veins.

On an emotional level, this small and lively flower stimulates enthusiasm and is able to give strength for a quick recovery after a physical or psychological trauma.

Fig 3 - Arnica Montana Flower (Arnica Montana Flower Extract)
Fig 3 – Arnica Montana Flower (Arnica Montana Flower Extract)

Arnica Montana in modern cosmetics

In the world of cosmetics, Arnica Montana is a “strengthening” type component, ideal for use in sports, especially in the presence of muscle or joint inflammation following workouts. It can also be used with excellent results to tone the muscles.

Arnica is also present in creams for “heavy legs”, combined with Aloe Vera and Menthol, it produces a refreshing effect that gives the legs a feeling of well-being and rest.

Arnica Montana helps fight and heal:

Muscle strains

Bruises and Hematomas

Joint and rheumatic pains

Lymphatic stagnation and adipose accumulations

Insect bites

Your skin also deserves the benefits of Arnica Montana

CremaFIT products that contain ARNICA MONTANA (Arnica Montana Flower Extract)

CremaFIT products were created for use during training. For this reason, the use of Arnica Montana allows to prevent and treat micro-injuries related to physical activity. A natural ingredient that acts as an anti-inflammatory and allows us to quickly resume our workouts and eliminate fat deposits (cellulite). You can find Arnica Montana in these CremaFIT products:

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