(Argania Spinosa)

Benefits of Argan Oil

Natural Ingredients

Argan oil, also called Gold of the Desert, has been known in the East since ancient times and was used by women as a condiment in nutrition and for the preparation of traditional dishes. It has also always been used in cosmetics, for skin, hair or nail care for its proven beneficial properties.

The Gold of the desert

It is a very moisturizing oil but, at the same time, it contains little fat. It is also for this reason that CremaFIT Treatment products are easily absorbed without greasing the skin.

Beneficial Properties in Cosmetics:


Skin nutrients



Argan Oil: from the borders of the Sahara Desert

Origin and Provenance Argania Spinosa

It is extracted from the green berries of Argania Spinosa, a plant that grows spontaneously on the borders of the Sahara, almost exclusively in the territory of Morocco, in the Souss plain, now declared a “Biosphere Reserve” by Unesco. Any attempt to artificially cultivate this mysterious plant in other locations has failed.

Figure 1 - Argan Oil Plant (Argania Spinosa)
Figure 1 – Argan Oil Plant (Argania Spinosa)


Processing handed down by generations of Berber women...

“Argan”, in the local Berber language, means “oil” and is obtained with an ancient and delicate process of working almonds, extracted from the kernels of the Argania Spinosa fruit. The whole process of oil production is carried out exclusively by Berber women, the seeds are toasted for food use, obtaining the typical aroma and flavor of Argan oil, a taste similar to toasted hazelnuts and dark in color. It is a very nutritious condiment and brings significant benefits to the body.

Figure 2 - Argan Oil Fruit (Argania Spinosa)
Figure 2 – Argan Oil Fruit (Argania Spinosa)

The benefits of using Argan Oil in food

  • Stimulates and regulates digestion;
  • It has cardio-protective properties, in fact it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and is an ally against cholesterol and diabetes;
  • Reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good (HDL);
  • It is a powerful antioxidant, protects the body from cell damage and the development of cancer.
Figure 3 - Squeezing Argan Oil Kernel - (Argania Spinosa)
Figure 3 – Squeezing Argan Oil Kernel – (Argania Spinosa)

Argania Spinosa in modern cosmetics

The Argan oil used in cosmetics, much lighter because it comes from unroasted kernels, is processed in the “natural” way with cold pressing and is odorless and tasteless. Elixir of eternal youth, thanks to the considerable amount of Vitamin E it contains (the values ​​are much higher than those of olive oil). It also contains unsaturated fats including Omega 6, Omega 3 and Vitamin A and stimulates the production of collagen becoming an effective natural anti-aging.

Vitamin E

It has antioxidant properties, fights free radicals and promotes cell renewal.

Vitamin A

Promotes bone growth, protects the skin and keeps it supple.

Omega 3

They contribute to proper cardiac function, to the maintenance of optimal blood triglyceride levels and to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

Omega 6

Some metabolic parameters improve, especially lipemia and cholesterol in particular, reducing cardiovascular risk.

Your skin also deserves the benefits of Argan Oil

CremaFIT products containing Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa)

CremaFIT products were born thinking about use before and after training. For this reason, the use of Argan Oil allows you to hydrate the skin and make it elastic without greasing it and making sure that it dries easily on the epidermis. Ancient ingredients for use that meets contemporary needs.
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